Friday, June 10, 2011

Creative Makeup Ideas: Textured, Monochromatic and Seasonal

Textured Makeup

A creative and stylish makeup is done with textures in which you can use several different beauty products and textures. You should combine liquid, cream and powder products. For a textured makeup I like to use a dark black eye-shadow and a synthetic applicator. Then I start with blending and building a perfect base to later create textures using the shadows. Then using figment I start applying each of the pigments on the eye-outline to create a trendy and gorgeous makeup. Also, you can use reddish pigments, metallic golden pigments and many different colored pigments in order to create a good texture for a cool and sexy makeup.

Monochromatic Makeup

Monochromatic makeup is a really great makeup in which you can use several different tones of the very same color. In case you chose orange as your color you’re going to use color like dark orange, light orange and pure orange. For this makeup I usually highlight the eyes using orange tones which make the very best contrast with the skin texture. Sometimes I even choose orange pigments to highlight the look even more. In the cheek bones I usually apply a blush in orange tones. And for the lips I use quite intense gloss to follow this monochromatic trend. You can also add a touch of imagination to your makeup using templates and little dots made of contact paper in the same makeup tones. 

Seasonal Makeup - Fall/Winter

One other sexy makeup is the one with the rocker eyeliner. Here both the eyeliner thickness and finishing has to be thicker, straighter and in direction to your brow bone. Sometimes I use the black eyeliner using a very thin liner brush for an even more defined line. What’s more, I apply thick mascara for this rocker look. In order to highlight the inner corner of the eye you should apply a light colored shadow right from the inner corner of the eye. You should pay attention to the eyebrows and brush them gently too. Of course, don’t forget about lining the lips. I use a maroon lip liner from the corner of the mouth carefully to follow my lip line. Next I blend the liner using lipstick from the center and smudging outwards. In order to give it an even sexier touch you can use transparent lip gloss in the center of your lips. Finally, you should add a super straight hair style done with a ceramic hair style and a ribbon hair net. 


  1. Really nice post. Thanks a lot for sharing your creative makeup ideas. :)

  2. Real nice makeup looks! I like them!