Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Makeup Kits for a Professional Artist

Professional makeup artists need a full set of basic tools in order to be able to call them selves a real expert. As many of you know, applicators along with brushes are essential for a couple of reasons. First of all, due to top-notch applicators and brushes you’ll get a wonderfully natural makeup. What’s more, since together with the product you use they’re the basic tools which will make an important difference and will give you the professionalism and quality.

Also, you need to get a many different types of brushes including natural hair, synthetic and mixed. Of course, they have to be clean and disinfected at all times. It’s important that the case where you stash them is all nice and clean. And it should be neat and tidy too. It could be a simple case or a convenient and inexpensive roll-up set. Must-have items in a makeup artist's case include many different color and texture foundations, compact powders as well as different color and tone correctors. Cream and powder eye shadows in several different colors, from the most intense colors all the way to most natural and neutral tone. Powder or cream bushes in pink and brown tones, illuminators in different tones (brown, golden, copper and pink).

A pro makeup artist's case has to be filled with all sorts of different colors to create basically any kind of makeup. A wide variety of lip-gloss and lipstick colors from light brown all the way to intense red. Also, she or he must have lip treatment products too. Those are the essential items when it comes to lip makeup.

Same important are eyeliners and mascaras. Colors, for example brown, blue and black in different textures to create lengthened, curl and thicken eyelashes. Moisturizing creams for several different skin types, serums, pre-foundations, and thermal water for skin revitalization. He or she should have all of these products in order to be able to completely transform skin in just a couple of minutes. 

Here are several more important tips - he or she must get a schedule or agenda and visiting cards in order to easily plan and schedule following sessions. In order to have a regular work calendar never miss an appointment and always be on time – remember that time waits for nobody. This is quite important along with keeping a record of the clients and prospects. Finally, do remember leave a business card to be easily reached in the future or a visiting card with a next appointment on it.

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