Saturday, July 2, 2011

Smokey Eye Makeup with a Wet Effect

One of the makeup styles that have always been present is the smoky eye effect. It’s a dramatically dark makeup, which will virtually completely change any look. This ‘effect’ is just great not only an ordinary girl and for a supermodel in a fashion show. What’s more, in case you add a touch of bright over the lid you can transform your look into a sexy style magazine cover look. The smoky eye is absolutely the perfect makeup effect which will transform your look creating an instant sense of style. You should start with using a black pencil liner along the lash line. You do not have to be too precise – just get it smudged into the lashes. So don’t be afraid if you mess it up. It is not supposed to be perfect. If you do that right, the rest will follow.

Makeup with Eyeliner and Red Lip

The eyeliner has developed over the years to become an essential element in basically any makeup. It enlightens the look giving a glamorous and sexy look. What’s more, when combined with intense red lip the result is just great. It’s an effect which can be worn for the day, during the night or for a party. Simple, effortless and beautiful!

Would you ever wear a look such as this one? I usually shy away from red lipsticks however I am so inspired by this look I will definitely try it! I especially like winging out my eyeliner since I believe it highlights the eyes. Would you do this at night or day? I would go with night and a quite simple mini black dress.

Radiant Skin Makeup

The radiant skin makeup is a makeup which literary any professional makeup artist has to know to perfection. In this makeup your skin is the star. The final result is a naturally beautiful skin which has been enhanced, highlighted and corrected. A face free from imperfections which looks very natural, fresh and soft! A makeup in which the focus is your skin’ beauty and the eyes are lightly highlighted. Radiant skin makeup is a makeup to be worn alone naturally or which can be complemented with almost any other kind of makeup. It’s becoming quite trendy and it has come to stay.

These days the trends are transparent, natural skins with light makeup foundation. Foundations have improved due to technological improvements. Summer is almost here and it’s time to rock some brighter eye shadows for that nice warm weather that’s coming.

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